How Marketers Lead Business Transformation

Marketing departments are currently transforming companies with their innovative working methods. To achieve the conversion of clients that this type of professional seeks, they focus on four fundamental aspects, which are planning, processes, collaboration and visibility.

Below you can see an infographic that summarizes very well the basic concepts of a good collaborative work to be more productive.


In companies it is vital that information flows correctly and in the right direction. That is why through collaborative work, teams can give their best in the shortest possible time.


It sure has happened to you. You get information from various sources and you don’t know which one to attend to, or which one is correct. The processes to be carried out must be clear from start to finish. Otherwise, some information will be lost, the transfers will be a horror, the deadlines will be lengthened…


Everyone knows that a lot of time is wasted in unnecessary meetings that consume many hours of work, in writing threads and threads of emails … Don’t get me wrong, it favors communication but not exactly in the right direction. Through collaborative work management, time will be reduced, but also the level of stress.


For the work to progress properly, it is very important to have a tool that helps us make everything visible. That is, reports, metadata, who takes care of what, deadlines … In this way we will be aware of the different problems that affect the projects.

As you can see, the use of a tool that favors collaborative work in the company is very important if you want to carry out quality work in a professional way. Don’t think twice and put these marketing strategies into practice to help your business progress.

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