Here’s how IoT is changing the face of the retail industry

Here’s how IoT is changing the face of the retail industry

The internet has taken the whole world to a different level. On personal stages Smart Glass Thailand, we know that we can’t live without the internet. But did you know that there are other applications of the internet in businesses as well? Yes, that’s true as the internet of things or popularly known as IoT has amazing applications in the retail industry. Today, we will discuss how the IoT offers various opportunities for the retail segment to grow and engage the customers at the same time.

Three Ways Internet of Things (IOT) is Changing Retail - Absolutdata

But before we dive into the contribution of the IoT, let us know about what it is Chiefway Smart Glass.  The internet of things is an extension of the internet into physical devices and daily appliances. So, now the internet is not restricted to smartphones only but also other electronic gadgets. To understand it better, you must know that IoT means connecting all your electronic items to exchange data and optimize functionalities. The common applications are data gathering and action on the collected data.


Now, we will see how this IoT can help change the face of the retail industry. 


IoT in retail – contribution


The retail industry is mostly dependent on customer engagement and loyalty. Now, what can be better than collecting the customer data about their likings to use it as an opportunity to engage the users at a personalized level? The main opportunities offered by IoT to the retail industries are as follows:

How IoT Devices Can Enhance the Connected Customer Experience

  • Customer engagement and personalized experience – Making relation based on statistics is the best way to create a personal connection between the customer and the brand. Retail players can use IoT-based notification for microtargeting Marketing managers around the globe are trying to implement the same technique to engage more customers and bring them to the stores.
  • Optimize the supply chain – With IoT, you can have a close look at the supply chain process from end-to-end. This gives the retailers a grip on their vendors and shipment. You can track delivery routes and vehicles and notify your customers about the current status of their delivery. This creates a personalized network and provides you with insights on the changes that you may need to incorporate for seamless delivery.
  • In-store innovation – Amazon is known for its innovation in different verticals of the retail segment. Their latest venture known as Amazon Go is the perfect example of how to implement the Internet of Things to make a retail purchase without a queue. With IoT, you can increase the speed of the service, reduce waiting time, and eliminate human error.
  • Inventory management – Managing the inventory is a mammoth task and only with the help of automation, you can revolutionize the current model of inventory management. IoT helps you in achieving that.

So, these are some of the contributions that you can expect from IoT. However, the applications are not limited to these only. With the advancement in technology, many other applications are being developed daily to solve major and minor issues in the retail industry. And making the processes in the retail segment more customer-oriented, seamless, and efficient.

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